Advanced Leadership Program 2018

Leadership Development for you and your team in 2018 

For the first time I am pleased to announced that I will be offering an advanced leadership and coaching program in 2018.

The program is targeted at people in senior roles who are responsible for the success of their team.

An effective leadership coach can have a huge influence on your career. The earlier you start working with the right coach the sooner your results will improve.

Successful leaders realise that it is far easier to adapt and change your approach than it is to try and change others.

There is a fundamental difference between managing people and leading them. The best way to improve your company’s culture and your results is to SH Photo for web site juggling1continually develop your own skills and the skills of your team. 

The 2018 Advanced Leadership Premium Package includes:

  • 12 x 1-1 coaching sessions - 60 minutes per session (via Skype, phone or face to face)   
  • 1 x 4 hour Advanced Presentation Skills workshop  
  • 6 x Presenting with Confidence public program vouchers for your team (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • 6 x Leading for Success public program vouchers for your team (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • 1 x High Performing Teams keynote session - 90 minutes
  • MC for 1 day at your 2018 conference

Advanced Leadership Pricing Package includes: Click here

For more information including pricing on our standard package or to discuss your own specific requirements please click here or contact [E-Mail via form]

Steve Herzberg delivers the Leadership Training programs for NRG Solutions. He has a unique style that is based on coaching and mentoring as opposed to telling and training. Steve has a strong track record as a corporate trainer and leadership coach, having run his own company NRG Solutions for the past 13 years. 

For more on Steve’s background click here.


“Over the past decade, Steve has worked with a diverse range of teams within Cengage Learning Australia with a particular focus on our sales teams. Steve brings to the table a unique blend of skills. He understand the link between strategy and motivating the people in an organisation to execute it. We have always found his feedback direct and honest and his intention is to work on improving the business and the people in it.” –  Paul Petrulis, General Manager Higher Education - Cengage Learning Australia

 “Steve's confidence, enthusiasm and clear strategies for development have been incredible well received by leaders at all levels in my organisation. Anyone who attends a program run by Steve is sure to build his/her skills in sales, leadership, coaching and above all come out motivated, humoured and excited about achieving their goals. Thanks Steve - I'm a big supporter of what you do.” –  Jennifer Todd-Wilson, Regional Human Resources Manager - Xylem Water Solutions  

 “Steve is extremely professional and an excellent coach / facilitator.”  –  Paul Patterson, Executive Officer - Avondale Golf Club

 “I have worked closed with Steve over the past 9 years. Steve has assisted, developed and grown our consulting and sales teams by enabling them to deal with a range of scenarios. Steve truly knows how to develop individuals and teams by enabling them to perform at their peak.”–  Peter Ward, Managing Director - Wardy IT