Corporate Health 2018

 Would you like...Photo Gratitude

  • Better results from your staff
  • A more motivated and engaged workforce
  • A culture that prioritises health and well being
  • To be regarded as an employee of choice
  • 6 x 60 minute modules delivered at your office

Module 1 - Strength and Resilience - Building resilience, physical and mental strength

Module 2 - Stress (Part A) - External factors, physical, environmental, nutritional

Module 3 - Stress (Part B) - Internal factors, mindfulness, breathing, switching on and off

Module 4 - Sleep - Effective strategies helping you to build better habits

Module 5 - Stance and Movement - The impact of your posture, stance and daily movement on your health

Module 6 - Sugar and your system - Clarifying the facts on sugar, fats and processed foods


Module 1 - Strength and Resilience

Building resilience, physical and mental strength

  • Learn how to focus on what you have, not on what you don't have
  • What is resilience and how can you become more resilient
  • Is your ongoing search for happiness making you more anxious and possibly depressed?
  • No more control freak - learn how to be more accepting of situations and less controlling
  • Identifying early mental health warning signs for you and your colleagues
  • The importance of maintaining a positive daily self-dialogue
  • Building an attitude of gratitude
  • Surrounding yourself with a great team

Module - 2 - Stress and pressurePhotos Stress

Stress (Part A) - External factors, physical, environmental, nutritional

  • Are your thoughts causing you to feel under constant pressure at work?
  • Physical factors - The link between exercise levels and stress
  • Environmental - Is your work environment causing you stress and effecting your mood?
  • Nutritional factors that cause stress - Food additives, preservatives and sugar
  • The importance of regular exercise and drinking enough water

Module - 3 - Stress and learning how to switch off

Stress (Part B) - Internal factors, mindfulfness, breathing, switching on and off

Dealing with the - unpredictable, uncontrollable, uncertain, unfamiliar situations

Building a plan for your problem and organisational challenges

Training yourself to look for solutions to your challenges

Learn how to manage conflicting priorities, confusion on your purpose, constant demands

Practicing acceptance and mindfulness - Learn how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions

Are you planning enough down time to de stress, recharge and refresh

Module - 4 - Sleeping strategies for adultsPhoto Sleep and fatigue

Effective strategies helping you to build better habits

  • The impact of work extending technologies on your sleep patterns
  • Understanding the effects of caffeine, drugs and alcohol on your sleep
  • How much sleep should I be getting to function effectively
  • Learning when and how to switch off and unwind from work to assist sleep
  • The importance of developing a consistent evening sleep routine that works for you
  • Ensuring you have a well-controlled sleep environment
  • Learning to let go - accepting, not fighting your sleep patterns

Module - 5 - Stance and movement

The impact of your posture, stance and daily movement on your health

  • Proper posture - Do you suffer from lower back pain, sore neck and tight shoulders?
  • The importance of strengthening your core and abdominal muscles
  • How to keep your heart healthy
  • Is there a link between sitting for extended periods of time and diabetes?
  • Improving your digestion
  • Weight management - Boosting your metabolism with bouts of intense exercise
  • Finding the right regular exercise program for you
  • Having a support system or workout buddies to help you embed better habits
  • Building solid and repeatable daily movement habits
  • Mixing it up - Incorporating standing, sitting, moving throughout the whole day

 Module - 6 - Sugar and your systemPhoto Sugar

Clarifying the facts on sugar, fats and processed foods

  • Understanding the facts of sugar and what it is doing to your system
  • Guilt free eating - Redefine your relationship with food
  • What to do about food additives
  • Is there really a difference between good fats and bad fats
  • The dangers lying within packaged foods
  • 3 simple steps to help you to avoid overeating
  • The importance of eating at the right times and how this effects your energy levels
  • Planning meals to help you avoid take away and fast foods
  • Protein - How to strengthen your immune system and building muscle mass
  • Avoiding dining Aldesko - Be aware and present when eating as opposed to eating and working


“I got a lot out of yesterday’s program. Far more than I expected to. I even had breakfast this morning. I found the session to be very enlightening and I now feel confident that I can be in control of that balance. I also plan to share my learning’s with my staff and inspire them the way you inspired me.” - Natalie Wallace, General Manager, Markitforce

“I would highly recommend the NRG Solutions Corporate Health program. I found it to be very interactive, sensible and realistic. I will now put it to use with my family, friends and work colleagues.” -  Fahrena Mitchelson, National Manager Australia and New Zealand, Vero

“My job as a clinical trials manager required me to make presentations at large international scientific conferences.  I was representing a large Australian university as a leader in the field in our research area.  However, there was no expertise in presentation skills or how to get our research across to the audience effectively.  I wanted to make a difference and make my research stand out because its implications were important.  It needed to be a little different from other scientific papers so as not to get lost in the mix.  I didn't want it to be another 'death by PowerPoint' presentation.

After using the Presentation skills and techniques that Melony taught me, my paper was so well received, it was the talk of the conference.  I have since won 4 awards based on the presentations skills taught to me: 1 as best new investigator, 2 for best presentation and 1 for a partial scholarship towards my Master’s degree. Melony’s coaching has enabled me to secure funding for research and for completion of qualifications.

The coaching has saved me so much time, as I can now use the template for all presentations without having to reinvent the wheel every time. New researchers also now come to me for assistance with their presentations. It has saved our university a lot of time and money.”Dr Kate Levett, University of Western Sydney, Campbelltown Campus