News Ways of Working Leadership Program 2022

New Ways of Working Leadership Program 2022

There is a lot of uncertainty about how people will be working in 2022 and beyond. This New Ways of Working Leadership program can assist your organisation to help make its way through this period of uncertainty.

The program can be delivered as either stand alone individual half-day or 1-day modules. (virtually or face-face)

For more information or to discuss this program and how it can be tailored to suit your company, please email.

Module 1 - Leading Remote Teams

  • Winning the war on talent. How do I attract and retain great people in a post pandemic world?
  • Empathetic leadership in the era of Covid-19
  • Checking in regularly on the mental health and wellbeing of your team
  • What have the past 2 years taught us about remote working? Who does it suit and who doesn't it suit?
  • Building a culture of trust and high performance in remote teams
  • Five useful tips for productivity when working remotely
  • Five of the biggest challenges with remote work
  • Transitioning into and out of Working from Home (WFH)
  • Checking the temperature regularly of your remote team
  • Key traits in successful remote teams
  • Using daily routines to stay connected with your colleagues
  • Tips and tactics for successfully leading a remote team

Module 2 - Hybrid and the Future of Work

  • What does Hybrid work mean to your company and your team?
  • What type of work should be done at home V at in the office?
  • Who does Hybrid working suit who won't it suit?
  • Avoiding bias or playing favourites, whether staff are WFH or the office
  • Benefits of working remotely V working face to face
  • Remaining agile and flexible as we learn to live and work with Covid-19
  • Options for enticing staff to return to the office

Module 3 - Communication and Connection in a Post Covid World

  • Tips for building rapport and connecting with a broad range of people
  • Understanding how to network effectively both within and outside your organisation
  • Little things matter - remembering names and small details
  • Understanding the impact of your body language when you communicate
  • Crisp communication - Saying just enough to get your message across
  • Tonality of your voice - Matching your tone to your message
  • Listening, to ensure that people feel heard and really listened to
  • Being inquisitive without prying - Asking appropriate questions to strengthen relationships
  • Having the courage to have difficult conversations
  • Options and strategies for working with difficult people
  • Providing effective feedback in a professional way
  • Using stories and examples as connection tools
  • Seven ingredients in successful working relationships

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