Boost your NRG 2024 Online Leadership Program

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Date: TBC

Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST

Cost: $995 plus GST per person. (Includes 4 modules)

Added Value: Enroll 5 people from the same company for all 4 sessions and you receive 1 complimentary place for the full program. (Saving $995).

Replacement Policy: If you are unable to attend a session, someone else from your company can take your place.

About this program:GMA Photo 1 2022

For a lot of people, 2022 has been a very difficult year. Leaders need air in their tyres, fuel in their tank and a fully charged battery to get through 2022 and kick start 2024.

This Live Stream Leadership program is for:

  • Leaders looking for fresh ideas, motivation and tactics during and post Covid-19
  • Business owners who believe 2023 presents opportunities for growth
  • High performers with a thirst for learning, growth  and fresh challenges
  • Anyone looking for support to help them safely navigate through to 2023

Why use NRG Solutions?

  • Since March 2020 we have successfully delivered over50 Video Conferences and Live Stream programs  
  • We understand that VC and Live Stream learning needs to be relevant, engaging and dynamic
  • Steve Herzberg has over 20 years' experience as leadership coach, trainer and facilitator
  • We use a secure, Business to Business platform, Lifesize, and deliver our sessions from a dedicated studio

What you will leave with:

  • Fresh motivation for 2023 and challenging times ahead
  • A toolbox of tips and tactics to set you up for success in 2024
  • A deeper understanding of the skills required to coach, lead and motive yourself and others
  • An understanding of how to successfully lead a remote work force
  • A better understanding of how to predict sooner when your staff might need more support from you

The program:

Module 1 - Leading a remote team - How to lead, motivate and engage a remote work force

  • The 7 traits you’ll find in successful remote teamsPhoto Laptop networking
  • Authentic leadership – How to be authentic and transparent with your team
  • The role of the Leader in inspiring, guiding and motivating a remote team
  • Options for dealing with consistent underperformers or non-contributors
  • The hybrid model – Balancing working from home with working from the office
  • Detecting early warning signs that your colleagues could be struggling

Module 2 - Motivation, Goal Setting and the 30 day challenge 

  • Getting clarity on personal, professional and family goals for 2024
  • How to remain focused on achieving your goals
  • Removing distractions, temptations and time stealers from your life
  • Remaining positive, realistic and optimistic about 2024Photo Coaching3
  • Learning to avoid the downward spiral of motivation
  • 5 options for motivating yourself and other members of your team

Module 3 - The Art of Coaching and Effective Feedback

  • When, how and whom to coach in your team
  • Finding the right balance between structure and space
  • TCUP – thinking clearly under pressure
  • The power of questioning in effective coaching
  • The GROW module for express coaching
  • The difference between follow up and micro managing

Module 4 - Relationship Building

  • The 7 ingredients in successful working relationships
  • Small daily actions that lead to stronger relationshipsPhoto Dealing with difficult people
  • Strategies for dealing with different or difficult people
  • The role of curiosity, questioning and active listening to deepen relationships
  • Building rapport with a broad range of people

Frequently asked questions:

There is a lot of free content and courses  online. Eg: LinkedIn and You Tube. What makes this NRG program different to free courses?

Most of the free content online is prerecorded. You have no way of being part of the session and it lacks the energy of a live event. In this program, you can ask questions, contribute and be part of the live experience. Steve Herzberg, will deliver all the sessions. Steve has 20 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer and Business Coach, working with some of the most successful leaders and companies in Australia and New Zealand. For more on Steve, click here.

Can I substitute my place for a colleague if I’m unwell or can’t make a session?

Yes. Your place, once paid in full can be transferred to a colleague (from your company) should you be unable to attend.  

Can I pay via Credit Card?

Yes. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex. Alternatively, you can pay via bank transfer.

For more information or to register, please call Steve on M: 0421 864 288 or click here.