NRG Executive Coaching and Mentoring


Photo UncertaintyIn the current climate, it is perfectly natural for leaders to feel a combination of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

If you, or any member of your team, are interested in an individual Coaching or Mentoring program, please get in touch.

Coaching and Mentoring - Program outline

Individual coaching program for Business Owners, C Level Leaders, Leaders, Senior Managers, and Sales Managers.

Recommended program:

6 x 60-minute sessions, delivered via VC, 1 per week x 6 weeks or 1 per month x 12 months.

Program content is tailored to suit individual requirements: As a guide content can include:

  • Leading a remote team with confidence through uncertain times

  • Understand how to coach, guide and influence people

  • Lifting your NRG, motivation, and thirst for work

  • Strategies for maintaining your mental and physical health

  • Dealing with change, ambiguity, and uncertainty

  • Building in daily routines and successful habits that work for you

  • Creating a culture of high performance

  • Presentation, media, and communication skills

  • Separating your personal life from professional life

  • Better allocation of your time – allocating more time on higher value activities

  • Dealing with difficult people and under performers

  • Six principles for successful leadership in 2023


  • · Clarity on leading yourself and your team, whilst working through periods of uncertainty

  • · Improved mental and physical health

  • · Refreshed attitude and thirst for work

  • · Build a personal road map to navigate your career through the next 12 months

  • · Build a high-performance team with an outstanding culture

  • · Retain your high performers, whilst attracting future talent 

Background on Steve Herzberg

Steve has a broad and diverse background. He has a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University and has successfully run NRG Solutions, a Corporate Training and executive coaching company, for 18 years.

In the 1990’s he represented WA and Tasmania in State Cricket. He is a qualified level 3 coach (highest attainable level). As a coach, he builds partnerships, helping his clients to build deeper relationships and achieve better results within agreed time frames. His client base includes clients from a range of sectors, including; Technology, Banking, Professional sport, FMCG, Publishing, Legal, Haircare, Local Government, and the Golf Industry.

Clients continue to re-engage him because his coaching and group programs remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

He takes the time to build successful relationships. He knows that real change requires planning, discipline and follow up. Most importantly he recognises that leadership is not a solo sport.

For more information or to discuss the suitability of this program please contact [E-Mail via form] or M: 0421 8964 288.