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Current Observations - August, 2021 - Combination of fear, uncertainty and doubt

At the time of writing, approximately half the population of Australia are currently in lockdown. Australian leaders and their staff face greater uncertainty than at any previous stage of the Pandemic. From my observations and discussions with clients, many employees are struggling to maintain their motivation and focus. Working from home suits some, whilst for others it presents a broad range of fresh challenges. Planning continues to be extremely difficult whilst international and state borders remain closed.  Photo Uncertainty

In the current climate, it is perfectly natural for leaders to feel a combination of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Coaching and Mentoring - Program outline

Individual coaching program for Leaders, Senior Managers, and Sales Managers.

Recommended program:

6 x 60-minute sessions, delivered via VC, one per week x 6 weeks.

Program content is tailored to suit individual requirements: As a guide content can include:

  • Leading a remote team with confidence through uncertain times and lockdowns
  • Dealing with change, ambiguity, and uncertainty
  • Building in daily routines and successful habits 
  • Creating a culture of high performance with a remote team
  • Presentation, media, and communication skills
  • Separating your personal life from professional life
  • Strategic thinking
  • Planning for life post lockdowns. Understanding how to adapt, evolve and remain nimble
  • Better allocation of your time – more time on higher value activities
  • Dealing with difficult people and under performers
  • Advanced methods for coaching and motivating people who are feeling disengaged
  • Six principles for successful leadership in 2021/2022Photo Fear1
  • 5 strategies for maintaining your mental and physical health


  • Clarity on leading yourself and your team, whilst working through periods of uncertainty
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Building a leadership plan to help you navigate through extended lockdowns
  • Build a personal road map to navigate through the next 12 months
  • Build a high-performance remote team with an outstanding culture

Fee schedule:

6 x 60-minute VC sessions - $3950 plus GST

Background on Steve Herzberg

Steve has a broad and diverse background. He has a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University and has successfully run NRG Solutions, a Corporate Training and executive coaching company, for 16 years.

In the 1990’s he represented WA and Tasmania in State Cricket. He is a qualified level 3 coach (highest attainable level). As a coach, he builds partnerships, helping his clients to build deeper relationships and achieve better results within agreed time frames. His client base includes clients from a range of sectors, including; Technology, Banking, Professional sport, FMCG, Publishing, Legal, Haircare, Local Government, and the Golf Industry.

Clients continue to re-engage him because his coaching and group programs remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. He takes the time to build successful relationships. He knows that real change requires planning, discipline and follow up. Most importantly he recognises that leadership is not a solo sport.

NRG Leadership Express program for teams of up to 14 people

In addition to individual coaching and mentoring, NRG Solutions offers a highly relevant Leadership program that can be delivered either via VC or face to face. The program consists of 4 modules. These modules can be delivered as a stand-alone one day or half day programs or as a full 4 module programs.

The 4 modules: 

 Fee schedule:

Half day programs: $4250 plus GST

Full day programs:  $7350 plus GST

For more information or to discuss the suitability of this program for your team please contact [E-Mail via form] or M: 0421 8964 288.