Module 1 - NRG Leadership Express Outline

Module 1 - NRG The Art of Leadership in 2024
  • · Inspiring people through your thoughts, words, and actions
  • · The language of leadership; options, ideas, vision, solutions
  • · The difference between managing people and leading them
  • · The 6 essential traits for leadership success in 2024
  • · Building a powerful network and support team around you
  • · Daily rituals, routines, and habits to maintain communication with your team
  • · Building your resilience – Mental, Physical and Emotional
  • · Building your resilience – The NRG 30-day challenge
  • · NRG Leadership Self-Assessment – current skill level v desired skill level
  • · Leveraging your time , through the art of delegating and letting go  

"This workshop was very enjoyable. The day flowed well and included a great group of participants. I left excited to implement new ideas that I learnt." - Peter Byrnes, Director, Workspace

"The Leadership Express workshop was high in energy and had lots of relevant examples. It was extremely helpful." - Lindy Chu, Marketing Communications Specialist, Images Seven

"Steve was engaging and supporting. He controlled the conversation very well. I got a lot out of the program." - Elena Green, Leader, ASG Group

"This program was simple and to the point. All the information and techniques were relevant and will be greatly helpful to me." - Cameron Ling, Maintenance Manager, Transit Systems

"Steve was on point, supportive and ran a great day that encouraged interaction and valued input." - Viren Mascarenhas, Senior Business Analyst, UNSW

"The delivery of the program was well paced and I have taken away some great ideas/suggestions for my leadership role. Thank you Steve." - Dionne Lombard, Senior Education Consultant, Cengage

 "I appreciated the fact that the content on this program tied in well with the previous workshop I had participated in with Steve."-Thomas Jones, Assistant Super Attendant, Royal Sydney Golf Club

"The facilitation was excellent. Than you for a great day Steve." - Effie Arvanitopoulos, Manager of Property, Retail and Leasing, UNSW