Module 3 - Collaborative Leadership

NRG Leadership Express - Module 3 Collaborative Leadership - Building High Performing Teams
This 1 day program will assist you to:
  • Build a high performing team that embraces change and achieves results
  • Understand how to create a culture that attracts high performers
  • Appreciate the importance of skill, patience and tolerance for a team to consistently perform at their best
Module 3 - Collaborative Leadership Overview
  • Why some teams gel and some teams smell
  • Creating an environment that people want to be part of
  • How to build rapport and connect with everyone in your team
  • The leader’s role in ensuring the teams goals and values are aligned
  • Dealing with disharmony and conflict before it becomes a big problem
  • Stop playing favourites - ensuring you are fair and equitable to all team members
  • How to break down silos to build a stronger team
  • Learning to accept different points of view and fresh ideas
  • The 7 key traits you see in high performing teams
  • Gaining contributions of value from each member of your team
  • Assessing the strengths and the gaps of your team
  • 7 effective strategies for motivating your staff 
  • Ensuring you have the right people in your team in the right roles
  • Generating more creative ideas from your team
  • 5 realistic options for dealing with the underperformers in your team