Presentation Skills

People who can present in a clear, confident fashion are always in high demand.SH Photo for web site juggling

Presenting with Confidence, can be delivered either as an in house programs or people can attend our Public Workshops in Sydney.

Steve Herzberg is the NRG Solutions Presentation Skills coach. 

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The NRG Solutions Presentation Skills program will assist you to:
  • Deliver more engaging presentations
  • Design and structure presentations in a well thought out and logical fashion
  • Use fewer and design better PowerPoint slides hence increasing your impact
  • Learn how to effectively handle your own nerves and fear of failure as a presenter
  • Improve your overall confidence levels as a presenter
The Presentation Skills program can be delivered as:
  • A stand-alone 1 day in house day program
  • An advanced 2 day in house program
  • A presentation skills for sales people program
  • Two consecutive half day sessions with a third and final half day a week later 
  • A half day or lunch time session (90 minutes – 3 hours)
  • It is also offered as Public program in Sydney
  • It can also be ordered as a completed kit. This includes all course materials, licenses to deliver the program and facilitators notes
Presenting with Confidence Overview

This program is divided into the 3 key areas every presenter needs to master;

  1. Delivery
  2. Structure
  3. Content

Delivery: Stance, movement, owning a room, room set up, eye contact, vocal skills, presenting effective power point slides

Structure: Designing the right structure for your audience. The 10 planning steps for effective presentations.  Ensuring that your presentation follows an effective flow which will keep an audience engaged. Handling questions professionally and at the right time.

Content: Using  the right language for your audience. Why less content leads to better outcomes.  Avoiding business jargon, filler words  and meaningless waffle. Getting to the point sooner and reinforcing your key messages appropriately.

Outcomes from the Presentation Skills program:
  • Learn how professional presenters make it seem so easy
  • Understand how to prepare properly for any presentation using the NRG Solutions Matrix
  • Appreciate how to present to a broad range of audiences
  • Design and deliver crisp and engaging relevant stories
  • Improvement of memory and recall using memory techniques
  • Increased awareness of the 7 deadly presenters sins and why you must avoid all of them
  • Greater confidence in your  own presentation skills
  • Understand how to think clearly and calmly on your feet
  • Effective strategies for dealing with your nerves
  • Effective strategies for engagement of an audience
  • Understanding how to own a room
  • Understand how to handle difficult people and difficult questions
Free PDF Presenting Skills handouts and resources: