Leading for Success Overview

Date: 14th and 15th May, 2018 - Sydney

Venue: Hyde Park Forum - 271 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Cost: $1750 plus GST per person  (Early bird price - $1250 if booked before the 30th March, 2018)

Time: 9.00am - 4.30pm (Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included).

Program Overview - Day 1

Module 1 - How Great Leaders CommunicatePhoto Follow the leader1.jpg

  • What are the 7 key traits in great leaders
  • Understanding your natural leadership style
  • How to balance developing relationships with obtaining results
  • The link between goal setting and personal and career success
  • The difference between managing people and leading them
  • DISC profiling and understanding your natural and adapted leadership style
  • Why leaders need to delegate
  • Three classic delegation mistakes
  • Developing what, why and how statements to assist you to delegate more effectively
  • Assessing your listening skills and your cultural, gender and generational biases
  • Building resilience – the 30 day challenge

Module 2 - High Performing Teams

  • The 7 key traits you see in high performing teams
  • The 5 common characteristics in under-performing teams
  • The leaders role in building a high performing team
  • Building a culture of excellence in your team
  • How to gain contributions of value from each member of your team
  • Assessing the strengths and the gaps of your team
  • 7 strategies for motivating your staff 
  • How to attract and retaining great people to your team
  • Getting the right people in your team into the right roles
  • Generating more creative ideas from your team
Program Overview - Day 2

Module 3 - Coaching and Effective FeedbackPhoto Feedback Form

  • What is coaching at work in 2017 and why is it so important
  • Why leaders must become better coaches
  • The GROW coaching model
  • How to move your staff from problems to solutions
  • Empowering your staff to achieve their goals
  • Skill v Will model for your staff
  • 16 reasons why your staff don’t do what they should do
  • How to predict future results more effectively
  • Knowing the difference between following up with someone and micro managing them
  • The delicate art of feedback
  • Why people can become defensive when receiving feedback
  • How to act on and process the feedback you receive

Module 4 - Dealing with difficult people

  • Staying calm and poised when under pressure
  • Finding solutions and options that satisfy both parties needs
  • 3 effective strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Seeing the issue from the other persons point of view
  • Understanding why certain types of people annoy you
  • Understanding how to not take things personally
  • Separating the person from the problem
  • The 5 A's for handling complaints
  • The A. B. C. D. E. F. method for difficult customers
  • Processing what you've learnt from each experience


“Excellent 2 day workshop, content and delivery. It was very interactive with lots to consider.” – Michelle Boyle, Elanora Country Club – May, 2017

“Thank you for a brilliant 2 days. A very inspiring course.” – Chris Nott, Vita group– May, 2017

“Excellent as expected as I have been to your past sessions.” – Robert Yen, Cengage – May, 2017

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the leadership training I was lucky to participate in with you this week. It was one of the best training courses I've done. You created a really comfortable, positive, personalised environment and a great energy and vibe within the group. You imparted some excellent words of wisdom and practical techniques that I know I'll use. I feel really energised and inspired now, and more confident in my new role as a manager. It was a great pace, a good variety of activities to keep it fresh and interesting, and getting to know new people and their ideas was a real bonus too.” – Annabel Smith, Cengage – August, 2016

“Everything covered was relevant and informative which I can use on a daily basis.” – Marisa Costa, De Lorenzo – August, 2016

“The 2-day workshop was clear and personable. I had experienced a management course that touched on some similar methodologies but Steve’s delivery and depth was far better.” – Joseph Shipp, Cengage – August, 2016

“An excellent delivery of the course with relevant and practical tips to put into practice at work, home and the soccer pitch.” – Anthony Masters, BHGC – August, 2016

“A lovely mix of theory and practical. Warm presenter and overall very empowering”.Kristina Platt, The Fred Hollows Foundation – May, 2016

“I enjoyed the program and will take away lots of ideas and tools to become a better leader. Steve was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very approachable”. Chanelle Afford, The Fred Hollows Foundation – May, 2016

“This program was great for me as an Area Manager as I was hungry for new tricks and tactics. I now have a few more”.Grant Barnes, The Fred Hollows Foundation – May, 2016

“Steve is a fantastic presenter, enthusiastic, engaging and makes all of the subjects interesting. The program was informative and interesting”.Tegan Purcell, Avondale Golf Club – March, 2016

“Articulate, intelligent and interesting. The program content was pitched well for a large group”.Roz Connolly, Avondale Golf Club – March, 2016