Presenting with Confidence Overview

Dates: 2023 - TBC  

Venue: TBC

Cost: $1390 plus GST per person  

Time: 9.00am - 4.30pm (Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included).

This program is divided into the 3 key areas every presenter needs to master;

  1. Delivery
  2. Structure 
  3. Content

Delivery: Stance, movement, owning a room, room set up, eye contact, vocal skills, presenting effective power point slides

Structure: Designing the right structure for your audience. The 10 planning steps for effective presentations.  Ensuring that your presentation follows an effective flow which will keep an audience engaged. Handling questions professionally and at the right time.

Content: Using  the right language for your audience. Why less content leads to better outcomes.  Avoiding business jargon, filler words  and meaningless waffle. Getting to the point sooner and reinforcing your key messages appropriately.Photo Presenting with Confidence

Session content:

  1. What makes a successful presentation and why do so many professionals get it wrong
  2. Learn the key delivery skills for presenters – voice, eye contact, gestures, stance and movement
  3. Understanding your audience’s needs, experience level and how to pitch your content appropriately
  4. Capture your audience’s attention at the start of your presentation and maintain high levels of engagement throughout your presentation
  5. Understand how to include and structure appropriate stories, case studies and examples
  6. Learn how to remain calm, preparing in a well-planned and time efficient manner
  7. Learn techniques for delivering engaging Video Conferences
  8. Design and deliver a successful presentation using the NRG Matrix model 
  9. Learn 5 practical strategies for dealing with your nerves and thinking clearly under pressure (TCUP)
  10. Discover the range of options available to you when handling questions 


"I thought Steve was great and provided a number of useful tips and strategies. This program was much better than previous programs." - Adam Cutri, Senior Associate, Bartier Perry Lawyers

"Great practical tips and strategies which we can immediately put into practice." -Karen Wong, Senior Associate, Bartier Perry Lawyers

“All relevant and interesting content presented well and in an interactive and fun way.” – Michelle Boyle, Elanora Country Club  

“Awesome. I would love to become a returning student.” – Gemma McLean, Cengage 

“Very relevant for my role and exactly what I needed for professional development.” – Tom Mathiesen, Milwaukee Tools 

“Well tailored, energetic session, relevant to the people in the room. Glad to be part of today and pushed out of my comfort zone.”Fiona Hammond, Cengage  

“Another excellent, well-paced, engaging course – thank you Steve. Will no doubt come in useful in my career and in general life.”Annabel Smith, Cengage  

“This workshop was excellent and definitely worth it. I discovered a lot about improving my presenting skills.” –  Adam Metcalfe, Philips  

 “Engaging – loved it. I was not really wanting to attend this program but am so glad that I did. It was informative and structured to make you want to participate.” –  Kirstie Papanikolaou, The Big Issue  

 “Steve is very fun and keeps an eye on the energy in the room. He also offers a nice degree of flexibility. I felt very relaxed and comfortable while working.”  –  Michelle Aarons, Cengage  

 “This was fantastic. A great, relaxed way to approach a subject that makes me very apprehensive.”–  Simone Staples, AGCSA  

 “I have attended presentation skills programs with other presenters before but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was very engaging, entertaining and Steve ran the day at a great pace. I also loved that Steve constantly demonstrated all of the skills.” –  Rachel Ford, Cengage