Module 2 - Presenting with Confidence

NRG Leadership Express - Module 2 Presenting with Confidence
This 1 day program will assist you to:
  • Deliver more engaging presentations
  • Design and structure presentations in a well thought out and logical fashion
  • Use fewer and design better PowerPoint slides hence increasing your impact
  • Learn how to effectively handle your own nerves and fear of failure as a presenter
  • Improve your overall confidence levels as a presenter
 Module 2 - Presenting with Confidence Overview
  • Speaking like a leader – calmly, crisply and charismatically
  • The 3 key ingredients in every successful presentation
  • Using your voice to speak genuinely with warmth and sincerity
  • Influencing people through effective storytelling
  • Effective Segways that smoothly link one idea to the next
  • Understanding the impact of your body language
  • Strategies for maintaining high levels of audience engagement
  • 7 tips for handling presentation nerves and negative self-talk
  • Handling questions and difficult situations
  • How to remain calm and think clearly on your feet when under pressure
  • How to prepare properly for a successful presentation
  • Building a successful presentation without heavy reliance on PowerPoint
  • Presenting successfully using Video Conferencing