NRG Leadership Express Program 2019

The NRG Solutions, Leadership Express program has been specifically designed with today’s leaders in mind.

Today’s Leader creates a culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, tolerance, change, coaching, motivation and recognition. They know how to attract great people to their teams. They understand how to deal with people and issues that aren’t aligned to their values and vision. They have the courage and the skills to make decisions. They know how to build great teams.  

The NRG Leadership Express program can be delivered either as:

A 1-day stand-alone workshop (Module 1)


A 1-day workshop (Module 1) followed with 3 x 1-day modules over the next 12 -18 months (Modules 2, 3 and 4)

Successful Leaders are always working on ways to improve. They are open to fresh ideas and options. They are on the lookout for fresh solutions. They recognise that they need to constantly develop their own leadership skills to remain relevant and of value to their organisation.

Adapting and changing your own approach is far easier than constantly trying to change others.

What makes NRG Leadership Express different to other programs

There are 3 things that make the Leadership training provided by NRG Solutions different from our competitors:

  1. Steve Herzberg – Steve has been a corporate trainer since 2000. He has a unique delivery style that combines education, storytelling and practical activities. He can help you to unlock your leadership potential helping you to remove self-limiting barriers that are could be holding you back. For more on Steve’s background, click here.
  2. Take away tools and course materials – When you complete the NRG Leadership Express program you will leave with practical tips, tools and templates that are yours to keep. Our course materials have been developed and refined over the past 15 years. They are relevant, clear and yours to keep post the program.    
  3. The group experience – You will learn a lot about yourself by being part of a group on the NRG Leadership Express program. You will be encouraged to develop and enhance your working relationships with other attendees on the program. By being part of a high performing group, your own experience is greatly enhanced.
Outline for NRG Leadership Express

Stand-alone 1-day workshop: Leadership Express - Click here for an outline of this program


1-day workshop: Leadership Express - Click here for an outline of this program

 Plus 3 additional 1 x day modules delivered over the next 12 - 18 months

Module 2 - Presenting with Confidence
Module 3 - Collaborative Leadership
Module 4 - Coaching like a Leader


Free PDF Leadership Skills handouts and resources:


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