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An effective leadership coach can have a huge influence on your career. The earlier you start working with the right coach or trainer the sooner your results will improve. Successful leaders realise that it is far easier to adapt and change your approach than it is to try and change others.

There is a fundamental difference between managing people and leading them. The best way to improve your company’s culture and your results is to SH Photo for web site juggling1continually develop the skills of your leaders. If you are looking for a Leadership coach or trainer with a proven track record of results then please read on.

What makes the Leadership training provided by NRG Solutions different from our competitors is who delivers the work.

Steve Herzberg delivers the Leadership Training programs for NRG Solutions. He has a unique style that is based on coaching and mentoring as opposed to telling and training. Steve has a strong track record as a corporate trainer and leadership coach, having run his own company NRG Solutions for the past 13 years. 

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Successful leaders know how to balance developing relationships with obtaining better results. The NRG Solutions Leadership Training programs are targeted at new and emerging leaders. Our leadership program has an emphasis on women in leadership roles and the additional challenges they often face.

Leading for Success for Golf Clubs

Leaders and emerging leaders at golf clubs face specific challenges. This program is run over 5 modules.  

Click here for an outline of the program.

Leading for Success is run as a 2 day public program in Melbourne and Sydney.

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The Leading for Success program specifically looks at 4 key areas:

  1. How great leaders communicate
  2. High Performing teams
  3. Coaching and Effective Feedback
  4. Dealing with difficult people

It can also be run as an in house program with tailored modules delivered to your leadership group each month. 

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Leading for Success
Program Overview - Day 1

Module 1 - How Great Leaders CommunicatePhoto Follow the leader1.jpg

  • What are the 7 key traits in great leaders
  • Understanding your natural leadership style
  • How to balance developing relationships with obtaining results
  • The link between goal setting and personal and career success
  • The difference between managing people and leading them
  • DISC profiling and understanding your natural and adapted leadership style
  • Why leaders need to delegate
  • Three classic delegation mistakes
  • Developing what, why and how statements to assist you to delegate more effectively
  • Assessing your listening skills and your cultural, gender and generational biases
  • Building resilience – the 30 day challenge

Module 2 - High Performing Teams

  • The 7 key traits you see in high performing teams
  • The 5 common characteristics in under-performing teams
  • The leaders role in building a high performing team
  • Building a culture of excellence in your team
  • How to gain contributions of value from each member of your team
  • Assessing the strengths and the gaps of your team
  • 7 strategies for motivating your staff 
  • How to attract and retaining great people to your team
  • Getting the right people in your team into the right roles
  • Generating more creative ideas from your team
Program Overview - Day 2

Module 3 - Coaching and Effective FeedbackPhoto Feedback Form

  • What is coaching at work in 2018 and why is it so important
  • Why leaders must become better coaches
  • The GROW coaching model
  • How to move your staff from problems to solutions
  • Empowering your staff to achieve their goals
  • Skill v Will model for your staff
  • 16 reasons why your staff don’t do what they should do
  • How to predict future results more effectively
  • Knowing the difference between following up with someone and micro managing them
  • The delicate art of feedback
  • Why people can become defensive when receiving feedback
  • How to act on and process the feedback you receive

Module 4 - Dealing with difficult people

  • Staying calm and poised when under pressure
  • Finding solutions and options that satisfy both parties needs
  • 3 effective strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Seeing the issue from the other persons point of view
  • Understanding why certain types of people annoy you
  • Understanding how to not take things personally
  • Separating the person from the problem
  • The 5 A's for handling complaints
  • The A. B. C. D. E. F. method for difficult customers
  • Processing what you've learnt from each experience
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