Leadership Express

Program overview:Photo Leadership

  • How to inspire people through your thoughts, words and actions
  • Aiming high; Why you must think big and let go of self-limiting beliefs
  • The 7 essential traits for leadership success in 2019
  • Why you must build a powerful network and support team around you
  • How to attract, retain and reward great staff
  • Building your resilience – Mental, Physical and Emotional
  • Learn how to compartmentalise - switching on and off from work
  • Build powerful and life changing habits – The NRG 30-day challenge
  • Creating a world class culture in your team
  • Leveraging your time each day through the art of delegating and learning to let go
  • Balancing developing relationships with obtaining results
  • The link between goal setting and personal and career success
  • 3 practical strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Learn the language of leaders – options, ideas, vision, solutions
  • The art of coaching and why this is so important for your career development
  • Presenting with confidence, thinking clearly and staying calm under pressure
  • Tactics and strategies for dealing with different generations, genders and cultures

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