21 questions a sales manager should be asking their sales reps

  1. What is the next step with that opportunity?  When will you be doing that?Photo questions
  2. How can I help you to win that account?
  3. Apart from price, what will their decision be based on?
  4. Why do they buy most of their current products from our competitors?
  5. Who else do you know, or have met with at that account?
  6. How many appointments do you have set up for next week?
  7. How can I help you to set up more appointments?
  8. What system are you using to ensure that you are following up with all of your leads?
  9. How could that follow up system be improved?
  10. Why don’t you answer your phone when I call you?
  11. Which of your daily tasks are restricting you from seeing more customers?
  12. Who are your 5 most important follow up calls today?
  13. After reading your sales report for last month, have you considered working as a fiction author?
  14. How many sales calls do you need to make this week to reach your monthly sales target?
  15. How would you describe your behaviour at Friday night drinks last week?
  16. What sales skills are you working on this quarter?
  17. What have you noticed about your results when you are using the new skills?
  18. How can I help you to reach your monthly sales target?
  19. When will they be making a decision about using our service and/or products?
  20. What is the best way for you to generate more leads?
  21. How could you improve your product knowledge with our new services / products?


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