26 thoughts on leadership

  1. There is no blame, only reasonsPhoto Leadership
  2. When we assume anything, we make an ass out of u and me
  3. Looking for the easy solutions often leads to bigger problems
  4. At times, people depend on discipline as well as direction
  5. People need to feel important – listen to what they have to say
  6. Progress involves risks
  7. Knowledge is power only when used wisely
  8. What matters most is how you sleep at the end of the day
  9. Showing how it’s done is better than telling how it’s done
  10. Trust people and they will trust you
  11. Know when to lead and when to stand back
  12. Learn how to control emotion when explanation is required
  13. Be comfortable with ambiguity and change
  14. Be sensitive to the needs of others
  15. Communicate clearly, consistently and reliably
  16. Everything has a purpose
  17. Avoid ostentation (showing off / strutting around))
  18. Speak with conviction after you have all the facts
  19. All hard work deserves a reward – take regular breaks to refresh
  20. Everyone has something meaningful to contribute
  21. Change before you need to
  22. A fish rots from the head
  23. The message sent is rarely the same as the message received
  24. Most people , no matter what they say, require strong leadership
  25. Understanding your own weaknesses empowers you as a leader 
  26. Walk the walk

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