5 ways to attract new clients

There are any number of ways that you can attract new clients. The key is to find a process that consistently works well for you.

In this article I am going to share with you my 5 best tips. These are all based on my own experience.Photo Checklist with man

I have been running my own business, NRG Solutions since 2005. Whenever I am looking to increase my billings or to attract new clients I go back to these 5 key principles. Some of them might work for you.

If you are the sort of person who likes to measure your results you can score yourself out of 10 for each one:

10/10 - You have this mastered, 0/10 you have no idea what I'm talking about.

  1. Charisma - Some people are naturally more charismatic than others. If you see yourself as being dull, colourless and boring, the chances are high that others will view you the same way. You should do something about this. You can learn to become more charismatic. Some of the most charismatic people I work with think like actors. They think of being at work like going on stage. They go into character. They play the role of a person who is charismatic and enjoy being around other people. You can start working today on becoming more charismatic. Become more memorable for the right reasons. Think about your language. Charismatic people speak positively most of the time. They aren't overly interested in negative things or negative people. They don't avoid them, they just choose not to focus on them. Charismatic people are drawn to positivity. Their body language is open, positive and upbeat. They don't try to be perfect. They like having a laugh and easily make fun of themselves and accept their failings. When they are with you, they are with you. Looking you squarely in the eye, actively listening and commenting on your comments, not trying to hijack your story. Your score out of 10.
  2. Little things - The little things in life mean a lot. Sometimes we become so focused on the big things, like winning the deal or securing a new role that we forget about the little things. Remembering people’s names; the names of their children; their football team or when their baby is due. These things at first glance might not seem crucial. Over time they are the glue that hold relationships together. If you ignore the little things you are subtly sending out a message that you are only interested in the end result. Take an interest in the little things and watch what happens over time. Do you know your clients preferred type of coffee? "Let me get these", you say. "The usual for you, Almond Latte, with 3 sugars". How well do you really know your key clients and prospects? Your score out of 10.
  3. Network - Networking is a skill, like making great chicken soup. With some discipline and patience anyone can learn it. Despite what a lot of Gen Y's think, there is far more to Networking than having 18 563 online friends. Face to face networking is about providing ideas of value to your network. Its about helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. Attending events, meeting new people, getting into conversations are all good starting points. Woody Allen famously said that 80% of life is turning up. Keep turning up, smiling and nodding your head. Becoming actively involved with groups and associations that you care about or aligned with is a very good idea. Why not form your own networking group? Find 4 or 5 people that you know, like and trust and agree to meet a certain number of times per year. Successful networkers keep working on their network all the time. They have a networking plan each year and stick with their plan. How's your networking plan looking? Your score out of 10.
  4. Expertise - The chances are high that your industry is changing faster than Shane Warne's face. Are you continually developing your skills and industry knowledge? How well are you known within your industry? Do people refer work to you on a regular basis? Word of mouth referrals are critical to building a profitable business. You can't survive without them. The better you become known in your area of expertise the more clients you will attract. Think deeper knowledge as opposed to wider. Being very well known as an expert in 2 or 3 areas is a lot better than being known as an idiot in 10. As your career develops this will become more and more important. Maintain the desire to be earning and learning. If your ideas seem out of date then you quickly become like the yogurt at the back of my fridge. Sour and past your best by date. Your score out of 10.
  5. Stay in touch - Find the happy balance between staying in touch with your contacts and becoming a stalker. We run public events a few times a years at NRG Solutions as an opportunity to stay in touch with our contacts and to attract new clients. Be careful about how often you stay in touch with your network. In recent weeks I've had to caution both my father and my mother in law about sending me too many of their humorous emails each week. I've let them both know that I only need a maximum of 3. If you send me more than that I wont value them any more. Calling people with a clear reason is still a very useful strategy and certainly for my generation a lot better than sending another email. Is there anyone you know of who really wants to receive more email? Your score out of 10.

That's it. How did you go? 50/50?

5 simple ways to attract clients. Like exercise, if you keep doing all of the above on a regular basis you will keep your business in shape. If you start to ignore any one of the above for a period of time you might find yourself getting out of shape.

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  • Kev Adler 07/04/2016 3:22pm (8 years ago)

    As always Steve you make a lot of sense.
    5 great points one and two are the ones I work on most.
    Well done.

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