Are you in the right job?

The guy pictured on the right is Eddie from Noodle Boy in Maroubra. It is no surprise he is smiling in the photo because Eddie doesn’t stop smiling.Photo Eddie Noodle Boy

I have been sipping his chicken and sweet corn soup and chewing on his rice noodles for the past 12 years.

Every time you go to Noodle Boy, Eddie’s in there smiling away with his little chef's hat on.

He seems to love what he does. It must be the perfect job for him. He always remembers my name (quick thought - “Am I his only customer”?) and asks after my wife and three children.

Another person I know who is perfectly suited to their job is a friend of mine, Darryl. He is a chiropractor. You should see his posture!

You just need to watch him walk to tell he is in the right role. Darryl loves what he does for a living. He doesn't have to tell you he is passionate about health and posture. You just watch him and you can tell.

He won't preach to you about diet and exercise, however if you do ask him for his advice he will happily help you understand why so many people are confused about how to stay in shape.

Darryl wants to make a difference and allow his patients to lead more fulfilling lives.

In a strange way Eddie and Darryl are quite similar.

They have found something that they really care about. Or did their occupations find them? They want to do it well, every time.

They don't make excuses about GFCs or MSGs.

They get on with it, with a smile on their dial and in Darryl's case, excellent posture. In Eddie’s case, a nice little hat.

Are you in the right job? Why do you do what you do? What are you going to do when you grow up?

I would be willing to bet that you know a few people who seem to have luckily found a role that really suits them. I don't know if it is luck.

Perhaps they have spent some time processing what they like to do, what they have some talent at and have worked out how to turn that in to making a living.

I often want to reach for a bucket when people tell me how passionate they are about their role when you can almost smell it on them that they're not.

If you want to find real NRG at work, I think you need to find the right type of work for you. What's really holding you back? The best time for you to start to find the right career was probably 10 years ago. The second best time might just be today.




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