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Welcome to 2020. I hope that this year brings you happiness, career success and plenty of time doing the things you love with the people that matter to you.Photo Team hands for web site
The longer my career has gone on, the more I have learnt to appreciate the importance of surrounding myself with a great team. A team that can support me through the tough times, as well as keeping me focused and motivated when I might otherwise become complacent.
All the best leaders I work with, know the importance of surrounding themselves with a great team. People from a diverse range of backgrounds, all capable of bringing different ideas to the table.
If you are looking for fresh ideas on diversity, I strongly recommend the new book, "Rebel Ideas", by Matthew Syed. The book highlights the fact that as humans, we naturally like surrounding ourselves with like-minded people. Although comforting, Syed highlights the dangers associated with this approach, both in business and in your personal life.
Young Australian of the year, Ash Barty, understands the importance of having a great team around her. In a sport, which from the outside, looks like a classic solo pursuit, she goes to extremes, to stress it's not all about her. From what I can gather, Ash has in her team Ben Crowe (Mental Skills/Mindset coach), Mark Taylor (Strength and Conditioning) Craig Tyzzer (Tennis Coach) plus a Manager, her Parents and her sisters.
I'm sure she works very closely with all of them, with each of them bringing something different to team Barty.
So how does this apply to you?
You shouldn't be trying to get through your career alone. Consider surrounding yourself, like Ash does, with a winning team. In your career this could include people to assist you:
• With your physical and mental health (eg: Doctor, Dentist, Physio, Pilates teacher)
• With your technical skills - A Mentor, a coach, a career buddy.
• Switching off from work - friends, family members, a piano teacher
By assembling a winning team around you, when you need to make difficult decisions, you take the pressure off yourself.
The start of the year is an ideal time to refresh your line up. Why not spend more time this year with the people that matter, keeping you in great shape (mentally and physically) and less time with the people who try to drag you down.
Think like a champion. Speak like a champion. Build a winning team around you and go for it. Go ahead and make 2020 your best year (and best decade) yet!

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