Can LinkedIn really win you new clients?

Paul was asking in a LinkedIn group about ideas on how to best use LinkedIn.Photo LinkedIn

Here’s what I suggested.

The challenge of using LinkedIn as a networking tool to grow your business is a complex one.

I have always found that it takes time to establish mutually beneficial commercial (and personal) relationships.

I see people looking for rapid results with LinkedIn.

I suggest to Paul try a few of these ideas:

  1. Focus on what you can give rather than take. What books do you suggest? Which service providers would you recommend? What did you learn this week?
  2. Be active with your network. Communicate ideas of value on a regular basis without becoming a stalker.
  3. Pick up the phone or go and have a coffee with some of your best contacts. One face to face meeting is better than 20 emails or blog posts in my opinion.
  4. Add your blog to your profile and blog about ideas (regularly) that would be of interest to your network.
  5. Think deeper rather than wider with relationships. Focus on your best 10 contacts and invest in those as opposed to having 986 fairly meaningless LinkedIn connections.

Good luck. Be patient.

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