Corona response from NRG - Adapt quickly

As you read this, I'm sure that your world, like ours, has been rapidly turned around. Since our last newsletter no one could have predicted the speed of change we are experiencing.

I'm sure by now you have received a large amount of correspondence regarding how companies are responding to the Covid -19 situation. Rest assured I will keep this message brief.Photo Adapt change

We hope that you, your family, friends and work colleagues are all OK at this time.

As we make our way through these unchartered waters we all need to ensure we are keeping an eye out for each other.

One small step we can all start doing is to increase our communication with our family, friends and work colleagues.

Relationships are always important but in tough times, they become critical.

I have family overseas, who are on home quarantine. Normally we might speak weekly or fortnightly. At the moment we are making daily calls.

I'm making contact with as many clients as I can. Checking in on their health and well-being and letting them know that our doors (virtual) are still open for business.

Right now it's a natural reaction to feel scared, anxious and annoyed. There are no easy solutions for dealing with the current situation.

I have found it useful to remind myself and my family to focus on what we can control.

4 thoughts for dealing with the Corona crisis:

1. Set limits - Restrict the amount of news you expose yourself to. I'm not saying ignore it. Keep yourself busy, ensuring you have other things to focus on, hence distracting yourself from dwelling on what might happen next.

2. Accept - No amount of thinking and worrying will change the way the world deals with the Virus. I must accept that this is where we are now. This is the present the moment and deal with it as best I can. Keeping a sense of humour really helps me as well. Never easy in difficult times, but it can help.

3. Adapt quickly - Adapting is very different to panicking. Face to face workshops, conferences and executive coaching are not an option for now. We are quickly adapting the way we operate at NRG and are transitioning to an online education company, with new online programs available now.

4. Play the long game - This will pass. It has to. Yes it may take a long time and it will be very difficult for all of us. However, like previous Pandemics, we know that it will pass. We need to do whatever we can to make it through. Pull together. Support each other. One day at a time.

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