Getting back in front of your clients

Ruth set up over 100 appointments last month.

This is a great effort and shows what can be done when you get focused on what you want. She’s also a credit to New Zealand. She beat all the Aussies she was up against.Photo Coffee cup

She won a Borders voucher from NRG Solutions for being the best performer.

I love a good contest for sales people.

Ruth works as an area sales manager for adventure travel company Kumuka.

She knows she needs to be in front of as many of her clients as possible each week.

The challenge for Ruth and her team is when she calls to set up appointments, her clients often say

"There’s no need to see me this month, we’re OK at the moment”.

Like any great sales person you need to be creative to get back in front of your clients.

9 ideas for getting back in front of your clients

  1. We have something new that I have to show you. It’s amazing
  2. I’d love your feedback on something
  3. My turn to buy you lunch / coffee / breakfast
  4. I have a referral opportunity for you we should discuss
  5. I left my wallet in your office last week (the George Costanza technique)
  6. I haven’t met your new staff member yet and want to train them / show them
  7. I want to discuss a joint promotion with you and get your thoughts about it
  8. My new boss would like to meet you – He’s single and very good looking
  9. I’d like to do a proper price comparison with you, it’s easier to explain this face to face

What’s your best tactic for getting back in front of existing contacts?

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