How strong is your team?

There is much debate about the attributes of a high performing team. Over the years I have worked with many sporting teams and a broad variety of business units. Below are some of the traits I have noticed in the better teams I have been lucky enough to be associated with.Photo Teams

Take a moment to assess your team on the following criteria. Rank your team out of 10 for each one. (10 we do it all the time or it is clearly evident, 0 it never happens)

  1. Clarity of vision which is shared by the team members
  2. Strong leadership
  3. Very skilful members and a depth of talent
  4. Strong value systems that are shared by all the team members
  5. A culture of success
  6. Always looking to improve and learn from mistake
  7. Accepts there is no blame only reasons
  8. Has a strong system that does not rely on any one person
  9. Celebrates successes in style
  10. Delivers results for the people that matter
  11. Defends and protects each other from what they see as attacks from outside the team
  12. Selflessness is demonstrated by individuals
  13. Aware and tolerant of individual differences and personal needs and priorities
  14. Willingness to provide open and honest feedback for the teams benefit
  15. Has fun and is focused on the end result

Total score for your team? _______

From the list above select 3 criteria where your team could improve.




 Together Each Achieves More

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