Reflections on 2020

This is the final Boost your NRG for 2020.

To all of you, a big thanks for sticking with NRG throughout this year.Photo Reflections

I’ll be on leave for most of December and the first half of January. The only work I’ll be doing is on my tan and my golf swing. I plan to spend the summer recharging, washing my hands, staying 1.5 metres away from my kids and refreshing myself for an exciting 2021.

I'd like to share with you 5 reflections on this year, as it slowly draws towards a close. I have learnt far more than I could have possibly imagined this year.

The importance of family, friends, community and connection. The importance of maintaining Netflix and Foxtel subscriptions.

For those of us living in Australia, with the exception of metropolitan Melbourne, we have been very fortunate so far with Covid-19. For those of you living overseas, especially in the UK, Israel, Spain, Canada and the USA our thoughts have been with you through these very difficult times.

Even in tough times, there can be winners. 2020 winners in business include; Gaming providers (Xbox, PS5) some retailers, including JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Supermarkets, Active Wear providers, Video Conferencing Providers, Vets, Sanitiser manufacturers. For others, including anyone associated with travel, entertainment, hospitality, events, the arts, tertiary education it's been a very difficult year.

Here are my 5 reflections from 2020 with a short quote to anchor each message:

1.It's one thing to plan, it's another to adapt.
If this year has taught all of us one thing about running a business, it's been the importance of adapting or pivoting quickly. At NRG, we had to move rapidly when the pandemic started, ensuring we could stay relevant to our clients. Once Covid-19 struck, sticking with our plan for 2020 would have set us on a path to ruin. Learning to let go and not be overly attached to one plan is our first major take away from this year.
Quote: "Adjusting your sails quickly in high seas is more important than charting your course" - Annon

2.Existing relationships and strategic partnerships are like gold.
Without the support of our existing clients, we would have been in a lot of trouble this year. Fortunately, having been in business for 16 years, we have built some very strong relationships. Our existing clients supported our online, Live Streaming and VC programs, which helped us continue to keep the door open through a difficult year. Offering new services to existing clients and providing new ways of working worked well. Offering new services to new clients is a much tougher proposition. Without the continued support of Paul Denton and his team from Video Dynamics Australia and Rob Winefield from Lifesize, we simply would not have been able to offer high quality VC and Live Stream experiences to our clients. As every business owner knows, the quality and depth of your network is never more crucial than when you are faced with a crisis. The importance of continually investing into existing relationships was highlighted time and again this year. You can't make withdrawals if you have nothing in the bank.
Quote. “Dig your well before you’re thirsty“ - Harvey Mackay (Author, businessman, speaker)

3.Be open to new ways of working.
Prior to 2020, I had resisted delivering online programs. I ran a Zoom program from Sydney for an inside sales team based in Kuala Lumpur last year. However that was an exception. NRG had always seen itself as a face to face provider of highly engaging and relevant corporate training programs. What 2020 has taught us is that our clients were ready to be coached, and trained using technology. We should have been embracing this a few years ago and not have had to wait for a pandemic to offer online services.
Quote . “Change before you need to” - Annon

4.It's a great time to be buyer.
2020 has changed the dynamics of our industry forever. Now, more than ever it's a buyers’ market. We are running high quality online programs for our clients, at times for only 40% of what they were paying for face to face sessions. There are no charges for travel expenses or travel time and participants receive an excellent experience, often from the comfort of their own home. We have run Live Stream programs (for up to 100 people) where people can register from as little as $25 a head. We are running monthly Sales Training sessions for some clients from as little as $50 a head. We still offer face to face workshops and a number of clients have expressed interest in a hybrid approach for 2021.
Quote: “ When you see a chance you take it” - Steve Winwood (Musician)

5. You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.
We have had our moments this year. As everyone can appreciate when the technology runs smoothly, it's terrific. However things can happen. Change involves taking measured risks and when you take some risks chances are you will crack a few eggs.
Quote: “Mistakes are life’s greatest teacher. Anyone who has never made mistakes has never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein (Professional genius)

So what about 2021?

AT NRG, we will stay nimble. Our core offerings remain the same.
Leadership Express program, Presenting with Confidence program and high quality tailored sales training.

I am currently in discussions with a number of clients about how we can help them in the most dynamic and cost effective fashion next year.

Even in uncertain times, as we all know, it’s critical to keep developing your people, letting them know that they are a big part of the future.

Finding the right balance between face to face sessions, Live Streams and VC's will be the key in 2021.

I am already seeing more clients wanting hybrid solutions next year. Face to face has obvious advantages but with Covid-19, certain disadvantages.

Depending on your geographic situation, size of your company and budget, there are Professional Development options for everyone.

No one can say for sure what 2021 has in store. As I write this, the vaccine for Covid-19 seems very close and there is talk of international borders possibly opening up by the middle of next year.

The winning combination next year will be Mindset, Structure and Skillset.

And finally, on the personal front, how do you feel Steve?

I'm really proud of the team at NRG for staying strong through some tough times.

Resilience, creativity and persistence are three traits that I love seeing in people and the teams that I work with. I'm really pleased that we have been up to the task this year.

Sure, it’s been tough at times, having to continually build and deliver new content and online modules. The upside is we have created some outstanding new content that can be delivered via VC and now can offer our clients the options of online, face to face or a hybrid approach.

Keeping people engaged on VC's is certainly not easy and we will continue to work on this. I do miss the energy of being face to face with people. I don't miss airports, long delays, overpriced breakfast buffets and rude, racist and aggressive taxi drivers.

I've enjoyed spending more time at home with Monty my dog, and of course, my two teenage daughters, 12 year old son and my amazing wife.

To all of you, stay safe, stay positive and keep going.
Quote: "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits" - Sir Richard Hadlee (NZ Cricketer)

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