Stand up be counted

Two nights ago I did 15 minutes of stand-up comedy for the first time. Wow was it scary. It was to help raise money for a school. I only did it because I wrote down that I should try it this year as one of my goals. Goal setting is very powerful.

A few things took out of my first stand up experience:Photo Microphone

  • It was great to get out of my comfort zone
  • It was shit scary getting out of my comfort zone
  • Presenting to a business audience and getting a few laughs is very different to being introduced as a comic and having the expectation on you to make them laugh
  • I really enjoyed being in the moment when I was up on stage
  • Tailoring content for the audience was a very similar experience to presenting
  • Writing the content is tricky – write a lot and keep editing
  • Memorising the lines and delivery is harder
  • I now have even higher respect for great comedians
  • I can sense like most things, there’s a success formula the great comedians use
  • Practicing standing up, whilst driving, in the shower and doing little run through s were really important for me and helped a lot
  • Getting smooth segway’s is no easy task
  • Using comic props can help add impact

Now I’ve got the bug I’m on the lookout for my next appearance.


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