Tattoo or not to tatoo

I rarely provide my kids with much career advice. They are only 9, 7 and 3. By the time they are ready to start their careers, I wouldn’t have a clue what type of employment will be in demand. Also, why would they listen to me?

However, if they never wanted to run out of clients, they could consider becoming tattoo removalists. I'm sure in 20 years’ time there willPhoto Tattoo be plenty of work for them.

I spent last week on the beach on holiday on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Tattoos are certainly fashionable in that neck of the woods. Have they always been this popular? Do you just notice them more the older you become?

If you have a few tatts, you’re probably very proud of  them. Perhaps you associate them with special times and special people in your life. If I understand tattoos properly, a tattoo is generally permanent.

Over time your thoughts and ideas change. Consider how you now think about risk and responsibility. Compare that to your thoughts on these as a 19 year old.

When you make a statement on your skin in the form of a tattoo, are you not in some small way saying that you don’t wish to consider changing that point of view for the small matter of time, called forever?

I’m a big fan of persistence, focus and commitment. However, on the flip side, as a leader if you become too attached to any idea can than not be dangerous?

How do you know your ideas are so good? Why do you become so attached to them? Sometimes, over a period of time your ideas, and opinions will change.

I love working with people who have the ability to let go, remain flexible and be open to fresh ideas. It's refreshing when I hear someone say, "I think we should change the way we look at this, there might just be a better way of doing it”.

There seems to be such a fine balance between becoming too attached to an idea and being successful.

I’m sure you regularly update your wardrobe, including your underpants. Your clothes and underpants get old, tired and saggy. They can be associated with the past. If you didn’t update them regularly consider how people may perceive you?

You upgrade your IT regularly. New Iphone, Ipad, Windows 7. What about your internal software?

If my kids can become great tattoo removalists I’m confident they’ll never be out of work. No matter how much your ideas of today may seem right, I’m willing to bet that in 20 years you’ll see things in a slightly different light.

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