The 2020 hybrid model of working

What a year 2020 is turning out to be. Such rapid changes in such a short period of time.

Everyone responds differently to change. 

This short post highlights some of the challenges and options associated with the new ways of working.
As restrictions are slowly being lifted across Australia and some people are returning to work from their offices, what we are starting to see and hear from our clients is a hybrid working model, combining working from home (WFH) with working from the office. A combination of 2 or 3 days at either location could work very well for a lot of people.Photo Working from home
Depending on the type of work you do and your personal situation, some people will be better suited WFH, some people the hybrid model and some people full time, back at the office. Everyone has slightly different needs. Ultimately it's about ensuring you can find the right balance for the people in your team. Successful leaders always keep one eye on results and one eye on relationships.
Some people are simply better suited, and achieve better results, when they are around others on a regular basis and some people will achieve far better results when they can work alone and avoid commuting on a daily basis.
With the huge uptake in collaboration tools (like Microsoft Teams) and Video Conferencing, working remotely or at home, no longer means you are working alone.
Now is the ideal time to get in to discussion with all of your team. Identify which of the 3 models best suits them. In the current climate I'd recommend reviewing this every 3 months.
In conclusion, when people are working remotely you must be careful to ensure:
• They still remain connected with your organisation
• You communicate regularly with them using VC and collaboration tools
• You remain able to innovate and adapt quickly depending on market conditions

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