What's in your back pack?

Have you seen the movie “Up in the air”?

George Clooney is great as the character Ryan Bingham. As a side to his main role as a corporate terminator he’s a motivational speaker. His talk is titled what’s in your back pack?Photo Backpack

I’ve always thought that sales professionals need a tool kit or a back pack with them every day.

Your team are road warriors. Out in the field day after day. Great warriors needs a kit bag full of goodies to ensure they not only survive, but prosper.

Have you had a good look recently at what they are taking in with them each day to every call? It might be time for a refresh.

Here’s my list of the top 11 things sales professional should be carrying in their back packs.

1. Ear wax remover. Most sales people should actively listen more. This might help to remind them.
2. Attitude spray. Spray this on the top of your head before you go in to a call. This makes you feel assertive, positive and confident.
3. Ideas box. Always take in at least one fresh idea from the box in to each call. This is very important for existing customers.
4. Bullshit detector. Strap this on to your head. When the customer starts talking switch it on. It helps immensely if you know the people you are trying to do business with are telling the truth. Just make sure the customer doesn’t ask you if they can borrow it when you’re talking.
5. Note book and pen. Last time I checked it helped to write things down when you are with a prospect.
6. Deodorant and mints. If you stink your prospects think your products stink
7. A map of the country of Hungary. It might just help to remind them that they need to be hungry to be successful.
8. A radar. I talk about great sales people having a sadar. A sales radar. Right place at the right time. Turn your sadar on. Should you really be calling on this customer now?
9. A stopwatch. How much time should I allocate to this call?
10. A diary. Write down the next steps with dates confirmed at the end of the call, in front of the prospect. Avoid ambiguity. Get it in writing. People have a habit of forgetting things.
11. A picture of one of their personal goals. What do they want to achieve this year? New car. New house? New wife? Now stay focused , get the sale and your one step closer.

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